"Chile Pepper" theme on all endcaps. This was my own concept and there were 5 different peppers total.

Painting of Wente Vineyards Event Center in Livermore. Acrylic on wood.

Paint Pen on stained wood. Flowers are hand-drawn and laminated.

Built out of cardboard boxes. Foam board and pvc pipe pull. All made by me, by hand. I used lots of tape, glue gun and xacto blades.

Colored Pencil - A business card I designed. She wanted it done by hand.

POS shelf signs. Done with Prismacolor markers. A few of my favorites out of the thousands I have made.

POS shelf signs. All done by hand 3.5"x3.5" using Prismacolor markers and graphite. We went from designing each sign individually to using templates.


A variety of projects ranging from acrylic painting colored pencil and everything in between. I am capable of character design, background design and concept art.


Paintings, Signs, Etc